June 3, 2023


how to create moral dilemamas
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How to create Moral dilemmas for your characters?Why is it important in giving your characters a Moral Dilemma? 

Let’s  first look at what a  moral  dilemma is in your  novel.

Moral dilemmas  is a type of conflict  that challenges  your character purpose or  goal.  They’re  usually at  odds with  their  own  actions or  decisions  that  they make in the story thus sets up an  internal conflict which cannot be  fixed .

There is 2 main  types  OR components  of dilemmas.

Obligation :  basically meaning  give your character  their own  moral  code  and opposing  convictions  and if they break it they  just have to face  that dilemma where  they are  forced  to choose.   Sometimes   it’s basically   where characters  are told   not do  a certain  action but   does it anyway  and disobeys .

Faith: Where the characters  have to make a decision based  on their faith  or  go against their  faith .  Also it  can be added where the  character is faced with something that. They  deem immoral .

In my  work in progress  novel  During the Blue Hour my characters face many moral Dilemmas where they must  make very snap  decisions  based  on the dilemmas.   To let you know something. Those decisions  that they end up making in  my story  has   very high consequences which  bring plenty  of  conflict .

And as  we know  Conflict is very  important  in a  novel .

Moral Dilemmas +  making decisions=  Intriguing  conflict.

By using this  formula  for  your characters  you can guarantee  turning pages  from  your  readers . Readers can’t resist  wanting to know when characters are facing tough choices.

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