photo of fireworks
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photo of fireworks
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Happy fourth of July . Unlike most people  who are out  BBQ  and celebrating  our country’s  freedom with fireworks,  unfortunately I  will not be  one of those people  this year.   Not that I don’t  want to.  I’ve  celebrated a many 4th  of July’s.   But this  year  on this  day  I have the inspiration   to write  and  get my chapters  written. 

I just  want  to continue a  routine  that I don’t break  so  I can try to  reach my goals to finish the 2nd draft   by the end of the  summer.   And I kind of find this day  a  stress free  day to write .  Most holidays are for me  though.  Although  I may take a   rest later  on.  But   writing for me  is my escape.  My   rest.  And I never  get tired  of doing it.  Sometimes  I  write with music  and the  words  just come flowing. 

I  Can’t think of no other  day like today to write and work on my novel. 

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Do you  work on your novel  on  the 4th of  July  or  other  holidays?  

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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