June 12, 2024
Writing the Werewolf Novel: Snowball Fight in Chapter 34

Writing the Werewolf Novel: Snowball Fight in Chapter 34


Continuing with another midnight writing challenge with chapter 34 this time. I am running into some problems because I want to write a snowball fight between my characters within the scene.

In this particular scene it is in my character Adrian’s pov. ( in this scene Adrian motivation is to distract the rest of the characters from what he is doing, which is taking Sirena’s fathers journal in order to give it to Xavier from the werewolf council. He has until the next blue hour to hand over the journal or Xavier will attack the werewolf pack.

I thought the happy moment I talked about in an ealier post was going to be easy to write. But I was wrong. Especially when you already wrote part of the scene. Where should I place the snow ball fight?

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