July 21, 2024


Mothers  and daughters  always  have this bond that  makes them close. They share  special  moments  that  only they can understand with each other .  Like best friends almost. They accept  each other  for the person they are. They even  lean on  each other when one  is having a  hard time. 

However  sometimes  relationships  with mothers and  daughters  are strained  to the point  where there is no accepting of the other.

In my  work in progress  novel  During the  Blue hour my main character Sirena’s  relationship  with her mother  Renee  is a strained  one .  Almost  to the point where they are going to  war with each other .

This  relationship dynamic  is  very important to  my  novel’s plot. And so in this 2nd draft   I  hype it up a little bit more  than I did in the first draft.

In the first draft  Renee’s relationship with her  daughter  Sirena  was one  of   unavailability  and  unreliable.  She would  just check out  sometimes  and  just a little,  I  guess  absentminded .  Simple fact was that she didn’t know what was  going  on   in her  daughter’s  life because    she was in her own little world   still   consumed   with  the disappearance of Sirena’s  father  all the way back when Sirena  was 3 years  of age.    She doesn’t know  that (spoiler  )  he  was killed  in the mountains.  And just thinks  he ran off leaving her  to take care of Sirena  by herself. 

In my current  draft  Renee still doesn’t know what is going on in her  daughters lives .  She  is not  only  unavailable  and unreliable  but also Combative and dismissive  towards  only Sirena.  She is jealous and angry that  Sirena  was  the one  to share  the  very last moments  with her husband .  And yearns  for her  husband once more . Like in my other  draft  she still  doesn’t  know that he has  died . 

She tries to not  really  control Sirena but  tries  to take  away what’s most   dear to Sirena.  Which is dancing.  And send her away  to be a gather for the  town . Even though  Sirena won a scholarship to dance  as a dance repute in Stella City. 

This causes  a lot of friction and conflict between the two.

In the first draft  Sirena  feels hurt and devastated  because (spolier ) at  the end   of the novel  Sirena’s mother  dies at the hands of the antagonist and  finds  out  right  before she dies  that  Sirena is a  werewolf.  I try  to show  At that very  moment  her  mother coming   to some  sort of clarity  and realization  about  what  and who her daughter is.  She  doesn’t have time  to accept  or deny  her  daughter in that peril  moment  of danger.

In an earlier draft one of the first drafts. A 20 min  screenplay. ( I talk about it in podcast 1 )  She  found out through a letter  written by Sirena at the  end of  film  that  her daughter  was in fact a  werewolf .  However ,  I leave it up to the audience  whether or not she always knew  or not but  she does in a way accept and come to  understand  who  her  daughter really  is.

In this current draft  I  don’t know  what I’m going to do.  If I want her  to know both  her daughters are werewolves or not?. Or whether  or not she  will accept or deny them? Currently  she is denying Sirena  because of an  unwarranted  reason.  But the main   question remains in this current draft.   Will she come to accept and  finally understand her  daughter?  That is my ultimate  goal  in order to piece together  their relationship  dynamic.

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What are the  relationship dynamics of  your  novel’s character?  

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