July 21, 2024

Welcome to the Discover the Blue Hour Podcast Blog

Writing advice, thoughts & ramblings for an upcoming work in progress novel During the Blue Hour about a different type of werewolf.

Discover The Blue Hour With Me

DISCOVERING THE BLUE HOUR is an author blog. Each week I will post short stories, concept novel videos, and Full Podcast writing episodes and delve into and break down my writing process while writing my 2nd draft of my WIP novel During the Blue Hour all the way to publication and beyond.

Not only will  I delve into and break down my writing process  all the way to publication and beyond.  I will be talking, reviewing and analyzing folklore, legends, mythology, novels, short stories , movies and tv shows anything  and everything   involving werewolves and  other related  literature tv tropes. 

So  Come  Along and Discover  the Blue Hour with Me..

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