Discover the Blue Hour with Me

Discover the Blue Hour With Me

Welcome to the Discover the Blue hour Podcast Blog

Work in Progress

Writing advice, thoughts & ramblings for an upcoming work in progress novel During the Blue Hour about a different type of werewolf.

DISCOVERING THE BLUE HOUR is an author blog. Each week I will post short stories, concept novel videos, and Full Podcast writing episodes and delve into and break down my writing process while writing my 2nd draft of my WIP novel During the Blue Hour all the way to publication and beyond. As I write I will discuss topics pertaining to the writing process such as planning, research and worldbuilding

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So even though I have  original content  some of the links in my posts  will be  affiliate links to books and  tv shows that interest me or pertains to topics for my work in progress novel that I discuss within my posts. A Brief DISCLAIMER will be at the top of each page pertaining to the links .

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