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Combine & Condense in the 2nd draft or should I wait until the 3rd draft ?

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While looking over my chapters in my 2nd draft of my work in progress novel, I widely considered lately that I might have to go back  and  combined and condense  the chapters . I’ve done this like once or twice so far  already that is why  in my 2nd draft  I’m on chapter 12 . But I really think I’m not supposed to be on chapter 12 right now because  in my 1st draft I was on chapter 7 at this point in my novel . But I don’t  know we will  see . This  is what it might all come down to in the end . I might just finish this draft of the novel and then go back and  combine and condense afterwards and just make it a 3rd draft. That is what revision is for right?

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How  do you or how did you revise your draft ?

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