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Have you ever wondered how moments in   history are related, and connected to one another? I have too. Even though I am a fiction writer I love history because knowing history allows me like all writers to create worlds beyond our imaginations.  My journey as a fantasy   writer has also led me to question things like where did the creation of dragons come from within fantasy and sci-fi fiction if it didn’t really exist at some point in time?  Being a writer, you can clearly see the answers to those type of questions because of research.  When doing a simple search in your search engine on dragons a writer will find that the creation of dragons   originated from many different cultures from around the world.  From China with their snake-like creature with four legs dragons to the Mesoamerican with their legend of the feathered-serpent.    Each of those two cultures described them both as snake like.   Another question from this arises for the writer.  Like how did these cultures get the same idea of a dragon and what they should be or look like?  

 I am one of those that have strong beliefs that most of our history, our true   history has been readily forgotten and that they are all connected to one another like the pages and scenes of a book. And I along   with others have many questions that I want answers to. And so, I will explore questions and answers and try to find the connections behind the most famous moments in history except it will be the forgotten history that no one   dares to talk about.  I will delve and research explicitly everything and anything   about the forgotten history of our world and planet.

There are many podcasts that talk about and discuss the histories of our world and planet as well.   But I will be talking about history as a whole from a different point of view, the point of view and opinions of history from a fantasy fiction writer   on this blog along with my novel series.

 My goal essentially will be to connect each point of history with each other and see how they relate to one another ultimately putting together history like a puzzle or mystery to be solved.   

To give you an idea of the topics I will be exploring and some of my favorite topics I will be starting the first few podcast episodes with exploring the forgotten   History of Russia and slowly up to the end of war world 1 seg waying and making pit stops here and there over to American history and the gilded age.

Come along with me as I Explore and delve into the forgotten history of our world. 

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