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I  haven’t talked about the  villain of my  work in progress  much .  But  I  will in the upcoming weeks.  I  thought I was finished  with  the previous chapter  10  but over the weekend   I  decided  I needed  to   place  another  scene at the beginning  of chapter 10.  This scene has the  POV  of the villain named Xavier.   His   POV  was  first introduced   in the  3rd chapter  of my book . And  the reason why  I write  him as  having a  POV   is because  he is one of the original wolves from the first  world.  What happens with his character arc  in this particular  novel  is very important to  the story events  in  the  next books  in my series  that I  will be writing. 

Image by Lucas Wendt from Pixabay

In this scene  Xavier  and Mary   find out that Gabby,  the  girl that they had planned   to  take  to Accalia, their Kraldire(wolf leader)  is dead  and so they must  find another person  or  they  will be  dealt  with by Accalia .   They  don’t  want to be in trouble with her. While Mary is looking around   Gabby’s room  and  shaking a  snow globe she sees a  picture  of Gabby and Sirena.  Mary remembers Sirena  as   the one  she awarded   the  dance scholarship  to.  Xavier  has a blasé  attitude toward  everything  because he hasn’t   completed   his task yet.   Which is to catch the earthdiver and the yearling pack   that still  evades  him. Upset   with Mary  he smashes  the  snow globe.  Even though  the snow globe makes a brief appearance  in this scene , it  is the 2nd time it is seen  because it appeared in the prologue  .

It  is a snow globe of the town which symbolizes  that the town  and  people in it are trapped.  When he  smashes  it  towards the end of this scene it symbolizes that  something is going to literally  break.   And it also goes  well with  them actually realizing  that Gabby knew Sirena  who they think  is  a mortal .  They devise a  plan to find  Sirena and  swap  her  with Gabby  for  the kraldire’s experiment because they think  Accalia will never know  the difference.  

This is an important  scene in the novel  because  it leads  up to the climax   and  the very  end of my novel  an unexpected   ending.    So you will see what happens  next.

Xavier   with only 2 POV  scenes  in the whole  novel so  far  will  have  more  scenes in the upcoming chapters.

I will continue on with my  next  scene in chapter 11  entitled STEALING  HEARTS .

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