June 12, 2024
The Arch-Enemy in the Novel – A Personal Matter

The Arch-Enemy in the Novel – A Personal Matter

Okay today I will finally be talking about another type  of rivalry  in the novel which will be the archenemy.  The archenemy  is the most commonly used  rivalry in  fiction.  Arch enemy is not necessarily  thought  of as a threat and  sometimes harmless  but they are  thought of as a  foil.

What is a foil?

Well  it is something or  someone  that draws contrast to the other character by accentuating their differences.  They need to be seen together otherwise the  contrasting characters   writing  tool won’t work.

Example  of an arch enemy  which is one of my favorite is Superman vs Lex Luthor.   Who is not necessarily a threat to  superman compared  to Darksied, and Braniac  but for superman  the rivalry between him and lex is personal.

That  is an important aspect to writing  the  arch enemy rivalry .  They have to be  some personal  adversary  to the  other character.   And it should be personal   on both sides.  He  should  also be just as strong and a worthy adversary .

Okay  so if you read my  earlier post  at  any point and time on this blog   I talk  about Cristan  and Adrian  a lot  (the two  love interest of Sirena)  I will  continue to talk  about them  a lot  .  However they carry  more weight to the story than just being  Sirena’s  two love interest.

They are rivals  for each other in regards to who will  be alpha of their pack.  This rivalry  starts basically  way before  the book  even starts.  They are  literally barking  at  each other  almost in every scene over  leadership .  It comes to a point where  Adrian  goes as far as  to conspire  to kill and rid  of Cristen. 

Adrian’s motives to do this against Cristen clearly comes  from  jealousy .   Cristen has had it all  since they were young. Not to mention both his parents alive  together  at one point and time.  Adrian had it stolen from him. He was once  the  son  of an  Alpha and was  supposed to be one himself by birthright , just  like  Cristen. The thing is,  it wasn’t   stolen by Cristen but by   the (Castus  Healer Hunters).

But  Adrian  goes after  Cristen anyway  because  he is  closest  to him  and he can  take  out his anger on him.   And so that  is how  Adrian becomes  Cristen’s archenemy .

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