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Not nearly finished with this chapter yet but  I started  chapter 12 today  with  POV character Cristan.   A   total of 368  words  for this chapter so far. 


And  in   this  scene  he  takes the rest of his  yearling pack  ,  Bastian   and  Imani   into the mortal town to look for Adrian and Sirena.   Even though  Cristen is greeted  by a  raven that taunts  him  and he  gags  and coughs   from  smoke  that  is  killing the mortals in the  town   . Bastian  and Imani are  amazed  and excited for,  I guess what you can call them on  an  adventure .  Cristen    referred  to it as their newly discovered world.

They are amazed  by their  eye color because  they have never used  the divers  mud before  that  turns them mortal  for a short time  .    I mean  they do understand they are there to find  Adrian  but they  just can’t help it.    And   Imani  is still  amazed by  Cristen  actually  encountering  an earth diver. 

So that is all I  have for right  now within this scene but  it’s going to  get   pretty  intense  and heavy   when they actually   bump into the people  looking for Adrian .  Adrian is  going to  have some words  with Cristen again.

They honestly get in an argument in almost every scene.   

I let you know how this next  argument goes . 

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