June 12, 2024
Today’s Writing Schedule

Today’s Writing Schedule

Yesterday  I started  chapter 12   and I wrote a post about that . I started with Cristan’s  POV.   

Today  I will  continue to work through  writing  chapter  12 .  

So in this chapter  I want to have  4  pov  scenes  , finishing   up  with  Xavier’s pov    . However, I might  change  my mind and save his scene for later  . It  depends  on how the rest  of the chapter  flows.

 But today  writing schedule looks to be  me trying to finish up  at least two scenes .

Right now  there  is about 480  words  in this first scene.  Hopefully  I  can  get at least  500  words  today . Hopefully.

I  have  written this first scene in chapter  12 completely over  from scratch . Way  different from my other drafts . I had the first draft  where  Cristen walked  into the town without the pack to find Adrian .  And then  I  had a  screenplay draft  where  he took  Bastian and  Imani.  This  draft will be a mashup of  parts from  the screenplay draft and the  1st  draft.

I want to delve  further into  Sirena’s  dance teacher Nadiya .  In the first draft she is introduced  in the  2nd  chapter.  And her  father  Zios  is deleted in this draft but  was introduced in chapter 5  in  the first draft.

In this draft  Nadiya  was introduced  in the  3rd chapter  briefly .  However  she plays  a significant  role   especially in the first  draft   in helping  the pack at the end   of story.  And she has secrets  she has to be  revealed .  

So I  feel this chapter to be a  good point  to  delve  further in her  character   through   Sirena ‘s  POV . In the first draft  in this scene  both  her father and her  asked Sirena about   Cristen   because he bumped into them  looking for  Adrian. They never seen him before .

So I  think I  could  write it the same way but  just without  her  father Zios. That is another  decision   I had to make because  there were just too many characters in my story already.   Even though  he played a  significant role. But  I  can make it work without  him . 

That is what I’ll do.  

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