May 28, 2024
WEREWOLVES IN FICTION :  Are Werewolves Really Fantasy Fiction?

WEREWOLVES IN FICTION : Are Werewolves Really Fantasy Fiction?

I was curious  about  something that  kind of bothered  me.   Well  since I’ve  been writing about werewolves  I ‘ve been  questioning   why  werewolf  fiction is always classified as  paranormal  fiction and not just plain  fantasy?  Are  werewolves  ghost ?  What’s the difference?   And so I did some research. 

Often there is  an overlap between both  the fantasy and paranormal genre.

Fantasy deals with magical creature, mythical creatures  and  talking animals   with a  tone   said to be from ancient worlds or another world altogether.  They  have  kings and queens .  An  example of that would be King Arthur  and Merlin . Or Lord of the  Rings 

Paranormal fiction is  a subgenre  of fantasy  whose story lines revolve around the paranormal . This  could be witches, ghost, and vampires.  .

It contains element of magic or the supernatural that’s so deeply integral to the story

Yes . It is said that paranormal  fiction  is also anything that  is  brought  to light   from folklore , fairytales , and popular culture and that includes  shapeshifters . IE  werewolves.  And similar to supernatural  fiction genre  , another sub  genre  of  fantasy .

Like I’ve said before werewolves has been known throughout history  as being connected  to real world legends and folklore . 

However  the  two genres  are usually interchangeable  and there is debate   on whether  these   supernatural and paranormal  genres  are one in the same as   fantasy instead of a  sub-genre  .

That to me is rather confusing and I  feel  as though there should  not be  a  debate  or a divide. 

I talk more about this  on  my podcast  episode 4  Fantasy vs Fairytale

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