June 12, 2024
How do Werewolves Train? Anticipation & Control?

How do Werewolves Train? Anticipation & Control?


Writing the Werewolf Novel:

How do Werewolves train for Anticipation and Control? While writing the werewolf novel i’m at this stage in my 2nd draft, chapter 35 where there is this training scene taken place between the main character Sirena, and the werewolf leader of the yearling pack .

He notices that Sirena has quickness and speed more than the rest of his pack but she doesn’t know how to control it. Her problem is that she lets go too much , making her out of control and dangerous to herself and others. How is that even possible? You might say. Well the thing is Sirena has yet to access all her senses and she has no awareness of anticipation. Which is vital and important for a werewolf’s survival; especially her because she is much quicker than most werewolves in my story.

So how did I write this? Well I’m still writing this scene however I’m doing research on anticipation in dogs and wolves. Also real world research on how wolves protect themselves. In the real world wolves know how to track and sense other animals through thier senses to protect themselves. They have forethought and problemsolving ability more so than a human. They are also very resilient and understand cause and effect. and don’t let emotion get in thier way.

So I try to write that in this training scene with my werewolf characters. I also try to add points from research about the athletic brain in a real world human and how humans can learn anticipation skills. So for my charcter that is the first thing she is learning and how not to get caught up in her own emotions because that will be the only way she can learn control as a werewolf.

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