July 21, 2024


I know  I told you all  last  week I was  done  with my chapter 11  and that it concluded.  But the  lightbulb  has  suddenly came on in my head  and   I   got some new developments  for my chapter 11 .  I mean it’s  not necessarily new.   But other scenes from  the 1st draft   that I need   to move around  to fit this chapter  to  flow  evenly into   chapter 12.  I won’t  be changing anything out of the chapter 11 but  will only  be adding   and  so the chapter 11  will be a bit longer and  I will  proceed  with chapter 12  and will  really just be  quick to add these scenes into chapter  11  since  they  have  been already  written  . I will just have to  edit  through  them. 

So if  you are interested in knowing the scenes  that  I’m adding,  are  scenes  where  it will be the very moment where  Adrian will  find out that Sirena is actually a  werewolf and he won’t just speculate . He  will  see the Actual  proof .  I have decided that this chapter  will  be the chapter  where  she sort  of  has her powers  of being a  werewolf. They will kind of awaken and there very apparent  while she dances in the towns  recital.  But not to the humans only to the other werewolves who are supposedly in the town.

However, this is not the chapter where she will  transform  into the actual werewolf.

Saving that for later  of course.     

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Have  you ever added  scenes right  in the middle of finishing  your chapters?  

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