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As a writer I been spending a lot of time on Pinterest   lately  organizing scene boards for my work in progress werewolf  novel.  I know  what you are thinking . You are saying , you should be  writing. I know but I am.  And creating a scene  board  is very helpful  to the writing process.

Creating a scene board you can quickly and easily draw  inspiration for your next draft.

You can detect the flow of where your scene is going   visually .

You can weed out the bad  areas of your story.

You can  see  which  characters  are working in the story.

I ‘m not going to tell you how to create one  because  each  writer  creates  their scene board  differently.

Using and creating a scene board doesn’t have to be just on Pinterest. As a writer you can make a scene board out of anything. 

I just started  using Pinterest to visually organize my scenes but when I was on my first draft  back in 2012/13 I use to take  scenes   from different places and matches  it  with my scenes sort of like  storyboarding . I used magazine clips and  scenes from movies , created dioramas out of cardboards and miniature figurines . I also would make a collage board . It’s sort of the same thing I guess.  If you are an artist you can  also draw the scenes. That takes a while though.  Especially  if you don’t want to storyboard the scenes with stick figures.

Also if you  have your  scene board  go live it gives a hint to future  readers  of what  your novel is about . 

Now that I have been using Pinterest I just started to  organize my  scenes  by  making  individual  chapters boards.  I’m  skipping around  different chapter boards   based on the particular  picture  I can find that matches the  scenes within each  chapter. So I have  a ways to go but this is a helpful  method for me  as I continue to write  my 2nd draft.

Check out my scene boards and let me know what you think  so far .

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