June 12, 2024


A long time ago I used to love to read books. Not that I don’t anymore. But not as much as I used to. The number of books I read were a lot. 3 books in one day, 7 days a week it seemed. Now adays it’s more like maybe 1 book per every six months. Idk. but I do know I don’t have that much time anymore. Life and paying bills get in the way you know. At least I am being honest right? But I do need to find the time.

Any ways reading all those books allowed me to gain the abilities to want to write. All those authors gave me the inspiration to create stories and adventures of my own. I never really wrote a fan fic. Not that fan fics are bad but I never got inspired to develop anybody else’s work like that. Just my own. Although I do not feel like not reading hinders my inspiration with writing.

When I first started writing I wrote for myself of course but then I wanted to write for others to see my writing. It is hard. I don’t have an agent. Are they even needed nowadays? When I do publish my first novel which will be During the Blue Hour, I will go the independent route. Where do I go to get my content out in the meantime? Still doing research on that. The research is painful, but it is needed. I want to do like a pre publishing kind of thing before I do an official publishing for During the Blue Hour. And remember that is my main wip about werewolves.

And so, to sort of tie up everything today on why I write, I do not write to become a millionaire or be famous. I write to inspire others like so many of those other authors did for me.

I guess everyone has their own interpretation or inspirational story of why they write. This is mine. What’s yours?

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