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I realized something that  when reading  some of most short stories  of earlier  written works thier  are either  scenes   or chapters  from  full  complete novels.

So how do we  do this as writers, take a  scene or chapter  from our  work that  is already written and  create a  new  or extended story?

One way we  can do this is to  write a frame  narrative   or flashback. We can also use both . 

Both JK Rowling and  Frederick Marryat constructed    short stories by using  flashback  or mentioning  characters from the scenes of their novels  .

However , we can also  write the scene from  our  novel in a way  where  it is totally  excluded  from the novel itself in its own story usually starting off in  Media Res  or using a  characters  dialogue or thought .

In  retrospect  each scene  or chapter  can also be considered  its own  mini  story  if written well.  Where  a chapter or  scene if  broken down  in parts should   have  consistent act  structure  like  much  of your  whole  novel.  

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Have you ever written a short  story from  your  novel scenes or chapters ?

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