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I don’t know about you but when I  write a scene  I  get a rush  of exhilaration.  I  can  immediately  think of something.  The idea  comes and  I  write  it down.  I’m not saying this happens to me all the time .  I’m going to admit  I do get writers  block sometimes. 

But  when   I write a scene that feeling is such a grand feeling. I feel accomplished   .  I  feel like I   have grown as a writer.   Every   scene I write  I  feel  my   writing  elevating  and my skills getting  stronger.

When I  write a scene I’m able  to jump into the characters  head . However  they call  to me sometimes  willing me to write what they have to say.  Like  a  voice in my head.     Sometimes  they  won’t leave me alone until I put pen to paper .

For example  the 2nd  love interest Adrian  in my  work in progress werewolf novel,   During  the Blue  Hour wasn’t always a main character  . He wasn’t   even a love interest  to my main character Sirena.  Hell he wasn’t  even   Cristian’s  rival  . He  was just a  member  of the yearling pack.  But he pushed  himself  front in center  in my mind and demanded   to be written and his story heard . 

So like a good  little  writer  I complied .  And so  as  I   sit writing  my 2nd draft  his  story is being told.   And I’m having so much  fun writing his story . Every scene   he is  in motivates me to continue and move  on to the next scene.  

That  little  voice in a writer’s  mind .  The  character’s voice that  yearns to be  heard  appears   for a reason and allows that grand feeling you have    while   writing a  scene  to occur. 

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What do the characters voices say in your head while you’re writing?

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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