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I  started finishing up my  chapter 12 last night with love interest   Adrian . And  I realized  something.   He just left  the  main character  Sirena  by herself  in the middle of the  chaos of my chapter. BY HERSELF.  I  never thought I’d write a character  like this let alone a love interest .  He  hasn’t quite  started  letting his feelings for her  be known right now.  But what  does that tell  about his character? 

Heartbreak  and uncertainty before the relationship  can even exist .

He goes on in this scene to read  Sirena’s fathers  journal  before  she  even reads it.

Intrusive much?  Not  even Cristen dared to read her  father’s journal.

He finds  out more information about  who  she really is. But Adrian’s  motives  for reading her father’s journal   is not to protect or help  Sirena at all.

Is he even  worthwhile for my main character Sirena?

Did I  just  write a selfish  love interest ? Is this really okay to do?   I don’t’ know  but throughout my novel  he  doesn’t   stop being  self-centered at all. Everything he does in my novel  he does  just to become an alpha.    Does he sound like a  horrible character or what?

(SPOLIER:)  Adrian  will never  get redeemed  in  a sense.  

That’s just  bad writing . You might  say.  

But hear me out  a bit.

All characters need their flaws.  Without them, a character becomes two dimensional.   Without flaws, a character is just “perfect”  or, if irredeemable, becomes simply too evil.

Character flaws are alright to have in a novel. But don’t they have to be redeemable?

Yes and no .   A redemption  for the character is when the destructive character  tries  to  atone for  what they did  and  overcomes their flaws  turning  good.

I  really  did not intend to create  Adrian’s character like this.   But  I guess  It’s  part of  his character flaw.   But he is  not a  villain.  He just has a negative  character  arc.

A negative character  arc is where  the character  turns destructive and takes a turn for the worst  and creates  a tragic path throughout the story . There  decisions leads  them in  the worst way and they can never come back to it.

In  the  instance of Adrian  I’m striving so hard  for complexity  with him . Maybe he is just a  failed  hero.  In  my  characters mind he does   want to be a  hero   because  he  wants to be the alpha of his pack.  But he just  keeps doing  crazy shit to get  to that point.  Which  ultimately might get him   nowhere  in in the end.  

He is on the  right  track to be redeemable.   He  has all the   negative traits like hatred and aggression, but he’ll also have a weak point. This weak point will eventually  be  the key to his  redemption, and will be used to break past his  armor and show him the need for change.

But will   he change ? And what is his key ?

This will be explored  in my novel as I continue  to write.

I also will be  going  in depth   about  negative character  arcs  and redemption on another  post.

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