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Original post date :MAR 14, 2021 AT 3:27 PM

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Working on 2nd Draft of During the Blue Hour Last time I blogged about my draft I was on well I had problems writing that chapter cause it was another chapter that wasn’t in the first draft. The main characters interaction with her sister and her mother wasn’t really in the first draft either.
chapter 7: Sirena has a dream where she finds out she is a werewolf species called a caninruh,but she doesnt believe it is true. She wakes up and tries to tell her mom a that she saw her friend Gaby’s dead body in the mountains but her mother doesn’t believe her and grounds her for taking her sister Mercedes up the mountain.

Okay so I figured it out and will be writing chapter 8 today. Which is going to be in the love interest POV . This will be a reaction chapter from his POV . He is a werewolf and just came to the realization that Sirena is not human and is in fact a werewolf herself. But in this chapter he is going to try to hide it from the rest of the yearling pack. I don’t think that will go very well, but I’ll see as I write it.

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