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I  wanted to write about this  for a while now .  I just haven’t had the time to do it. Cause guess what I was  distracted.  But   now I can. So what’s the deal with  distractions while writing your novel?  

Well that’s tricky to answer.  Especially  when you  get this moment  of clarity, this moment  of motivation,  and  inspiration  where your characters and story world  calls out to you to write them like  a bad  itch  or  addiction.  You  can’t put  down the pen. But then something  happens  and boom  your  moment  of clarity is  gone  . POOF!   All  because of distractions.

Distractions can  be  anything.   From  the slightest  noise  like the air conditioner clicking on and off  to the crickets  outside your door.   Or can be simply  life in general .  Like the events we are facing now in the world. But  as  writers we cannot let these  distractions  bother us.  So how do we  find time to write.

Well for me   there is meditation to get  focused.  I  try that sometimes .  I  sit in an uncluttered space and  stare  and just think about anything and clear my mind  before I write. Even though this can work for writers block this can  also  help with  distractions.  

Another  way to stop from distractions is  I  turn on music,  That way I can cancel out all   the other  noises  around me and it makes  me narrow in  on the scene that I’m working on.

A   third thing I do  sometimes is I disconnect everything.  I turn  off the internet.  I  turn off the  phone.  I ignore  the knocks at my door.    Sometimes  it is better to do that.  Because  having these things on   or answering every little knock at your door  can be more   harmful  for your  writing and sanity   than you think.  With these   distractions   you can  lose    your inspiration   quickly  and  you may never get it back for days on end.  So as   writers if we want a  good  word count  , and we want to   sit and write and finish  our daily  writing goals. We  must avoid  this  main hard distraction  like  the plague  . 

The   fourth and final thing I do  is try  to write at a time where I know  I won’t get interrupted. I used  to write  early mornings  from  eight am  to  one pm  but now  I write whenever  I  just have the time.   I try  to write at nights but sometimes   writing at nights are harder .   I used  to write all night  but that was when I was under deadline .  

In the end all writers have  distractions and know it is hard  but we must  find a way to keep the  distractions at bay and trudge through  all  of it to  write the great  novel. 

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