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CURRENT TV SHOW WATCH: Why didn’t I ever watch True Blood Before?

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What is  my  current TV show  watch  and novel read for august? So  I took the plunge and decided to finally watch  the show True Blood and I’m currently already on season five.

 I haven’t  written one of these  post  in  a while . But  as of now I’m writing  one  because  I’m so excited  to discuss about what I’m watching and reading at the moment .

But all I  want to say about this  is why didn’t  I  ever watch True Blood  before?

Okay so  I know  the show is based  on the book series  Sookie Stackhouse Series by  Charlaine Harris. I actually read  book 4 in the series,  Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris  a long time ago when the books  first came out.  However  I forgot  everything that  happened  in that book.  And now  that  I  watched   the show  I’m going to start to read the book series  within the next couple  of months probably. 

I don’t like  watching shows that everybody is so hyped  about when they first come out.  And  True Blood  was one of those  shows.  Of course  the book series wasn’t  as mainstreamed as  I remember  it to be because  there  was no social media back then.   But maybe I’m wrong.  

I believe  when it was  first live I tried  to watch episode  1 and I  wasn’t bought or sold by  it  so  I just left it alone  until  now .  Yes I  know  many years after it has aired.   But those are the best type of shows  to watch cause you can binge  them .

But  all and all  so far I like the show.   I’m  going to write  other  post about True Blood in the next couple of weeks  when I finish the series.   I have  a lot of comparisons I want to discuss  especially  about  the werewolf myths in  the show since I’m currently writing a werewolf novel .  And even though  the show is primarily about  vampires there is enough  to discuss  because  each  species  in the show  has a  balanced  storyline putting  the  focus  on the individual  species  each season while  interweaving  their storylines with the others; especially the humans.   I like that aspect of the overall  show and of the writing of the  show .

CURRENT NOVEL READ:  From Horror to Gothic Fantasy

Okay so on to the book  series  I’m currently reading . Ha  I’m going from Horror to gothic  horror. And two separate  genres.  I ‘m  currently  reading the  V.C  Andrews  Logan  series.  For  some  reason  V.C Andrews  is one  of those authors  whose books I  always come  back to regardless  of how many times  I’ve  read them. 

I reread  V.C  Andrews  books at least  once a year.  And  now I’ve  come back to the  Logan Series again and  I  don’t  understand  all the hate in  the logan series  from  the reviews  on youtube. The  fact  that  many  people  have said the  series  itself was boring.  But I digress.  I think  it’s something mysterious  about  the book  being  set in  Cape Cod.   I  haven’t  read the Logan series  for years and so right now  I’m on the 2nd  book  again.

But the  Logan Series  was  one of the only  V.C  Andrews  books  without  actual  incest within the  family.   Okay  of course  you have  the mother Hallie  at the beginning of the series  has married  her  1st cousin Chester  but  in  my opinion  I don’t   think she was  actually ever  intimate with him  because  she sought  other  men  and  that’s  why I think she tried  to keep it  hidden from her daughter Melody . Chester  himself  of course  knew about her affairs and of course he was  upset  but he knew  he couldn’t  do anything  because as  you  later  find out they were  1st cousins.

The fact  that to the reader the mother  comes  off as a cheater and selfish .  I  think  readers  were  too hard  on the mother.  I myself thought  so too.   Her  life was  just sad and pitiful.  She didn’t  want the responsibility of raising Melody and  that  wasn’t right or fair.      

Oh and the fact that Melody  tried  to hit on  her  uncle .  Well  she  didn’t  know . Hallie was kind of stupid to not tell Melody anything.  But I’m glad  that never  went anywhere.   And Melody  felt kind  of stupid afterwards.    That’s my opinion about that point and  well  overall  yeah  there  is no apparent  incest  within  the novels.  Just a  bunch of  lies   that makes  Melody  in turn do stupid  things .   I kind of feel bad for Melody  and she  deserves  better.

I’m going to continue to write some more review post on the V.C Andrew books but that’s  my  current read  for right  now.

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