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Remember those  days  when you were  a kid or  teenager  and you  did something  to make your mom or dad  ground  you. Didn’t you hate those days?  Having to be stuck in the house while you watch your friends outside playing in the yard on their bikes , skates , and jump ropes .  I know I did.   

So that’s why I  put it in my novel  pages. The old saying  write what  you know  is still alive. My  main character SIRENA , who  is a teenager  of course  gets grounded  by her mother for  drinking at  a party  that  I  wrote in a  previous chapters . 

In this scene  its gets a little  intense and the war  with her mother  that I  mentioned in   an earlier  post   two days  ago,  continues   as  her mother  asks her  what  is  her problem ?  whether  it be  drugs,  sex or  alcohol ? And whether   she is meeting boys?  Renee, Sirena’s mother   certainty  does not know her daughter  one bit.  Sirena tells her  that  all she wants to do is   dance in Stella City  and her mother  straight up objects.   I also throw another  hint  in there  about  her mother’s boyfriend Anthony  who is also in the scene .   Sirena and Anthony  (her mother’s boyfriend) really hate each other  but  their  hate is marred  by silence , stares and glares.  He has a major plot and character development in  the  very next  two chapters  that will be  so exciting  , well for me anyways. 

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After  Sirena  gets grounded and her mother and her mother’s boyfriend leaves out of the room, her  sister Mercedes (whose name  I  might change back to Andrea because her name was Andrea in the 1st draft) waltz  right in the  room and gloats  about Sirena being  grounded . Sirena asks her  why she told  their mother. Mercedes tells her  she was  trying to help her . (But  really?)  So Mercedes  basically  stole  the keys  to a jeep to Sirena’s birthday gift that their mother  took away as  punishment and  gives  Sirena  the keys  to  basically  sneak out  so  she can go to her  recital  at  unity  day.  

So that’s  the end of that scene. I fill like it’s pretty intense  because is a  big  easy build up to what will happened  throughout  the rest of the book.  It’s pretty bold for my character to  sneak out   because  at the beginning of the book  she  states in  her  journal she would never  do  things she started  doing like  run away from the  Prestige  Ceremony  where  she became a  gatherer.   I want to say  that  it’s  probably because her werewolf  powers  are  awakening. But  I  don’t  know if  I want to say  that her character change  is because of that.  Would  that be  a pretty  weak  reasoning?  I don’t know  . We’ll  see  what happens. 

Like I said in my last  post  I’m  not  finished with chapter 11  just yet  .  I have  one more  scene that’s entitled  STEALING HEARTS.

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