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green typewriter on brown wooden table
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I  was  so busy  that I forgot to post about my writing  session  that I  had on the 4th  of July.  I  managed to have almost a full day of writing. It felt good. You want to know  how  many words  I completed? It was   a lot  at  2492  words .  Wow, right?  I  was excited.  I added two new scenes to  two previous chapters . Chapter 10 and chapter  11. Chapter 10,  the chapter  I mentioned in my  previous  post  ended with  Cristan’s POV scene and the  earthdiver  telling  him the storm has arrived . Okay so I  originally had just his scene  but added  the villain Xavier’s  POV  scene  to the  chapter 10 . I introduced him in  chapter  3 . His scene,  I feel is a great build up  into Cristen’s  scene when the earth diver tells him the storm has arrived. 

I’ll  talk a little bit about Xavier’s  scene in another post .  His  scene  deserves a  post  all on his own. 

I also completed  a scene  with the main character  Sirena and her mom. I recently wrote a post about  her war  with her mother  the other day.  This scene is a great  scene  to build up on their conflict  .   I added  this scene to chapter 11 .  Its  called  Grounded  and  I will talk about  that scene in another post today as well.  

And  now that  I have finished those two scenes  I’m still  not  quite finished with  chapter  11  like  I thought .  I  have  one more scene  to add   that is   ready  to be written   and it will  be in Adrian’s  POV  . 

I’m  so excited about this. The momentum and energy   that  I had while  in this  writing session  was  so  extraordinary.  Scenes were just coming to me and I did not want to stop writing.. All and all the 4th of July’s  writing session  was  a great idea I  had and  huge  success for me  .

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How  was your  last  writing session? Was  it a Success ?  

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