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I’m back with solely talking about werewolves again.  I know. I know you’re tired  of hearing me go on and on about werewolves.  But I can’t  stop because  my work in progress  novel and hopefully  my future sequels is about , you guessed  it.  WEREWOLVES!

Okay so you know  how  in pop culture  werewolf  mythology  werewolves when injured  would automatically , miraculously  heal themselves.

Well you want  to know  a  secret?  My  werewolves  don’t  heal. 


Yes I know .Crazy ,right ?

 Like I said in all my other post  I  like  experimenting.  I  wanted  to try something  different and take away  that one  trait  that makes  them  the  conventional   werewolf .   Matter  of fact  I  do away with most of those   conventional traits.

No !  But that’s  not a  werewolf .  You might say.

Yes it is . My  werewolf.  My werewolves  use  healers  to heal them  with Saliva .

You want  to know more about it? Okay let me tell you a little bit more but first let  me  delve into some Real world Research



when injuring themselves  you normally see  dogs  tending  to attempt to heal themselves  by licking  their   wounds , hence  the saying,  ” lick your wounds “ which is an expression which  means  to recover from a defeat or a rebuke .

Wound licking however is rather real and  is an instinctive response in humans and many other animals to lick an injury.

Oral mucosa  is said to heal faster than skin. And saliva contains tissue factor which promotes the blood clotting mechanism.  This forms a protective covering  which  turns into a scab . Saliva  also has  antibacterial  properties  which  can  heal a wound

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Dog saliva has been said by many cultures to have curative powers in people.  This belief it said to have  gone all the way back to Egypt where  they allowed  dogs  to lick  the  people to heal them.  As time  went on and this  got around  within other societies  they started training dogs to  heal  people with the saliva.

Even though other  animals such as cats, primates and rodents  all lick themselves to heal

There are six components in a canine’s saliva  which are said  to have healing  properties:

  • Lysozyme
  • Lactoferrin,
  • Opiorphin
  • Thrombospondin
  • Nitrate
  • Protease


The world  of the Blue Hour,  my  werewolf , the Caninruh  are  vulnerable  to  anything  and everything  even though  they are  still rather  powerful  creatures. 

There  are a set  of  Caninruh who are  simply  healers of the packs   who has  the  celestial power to   heal  other  beings  and other  Caninruh  with  the Saliva  of their  tongue and they practice the act of wound licking  .

One  of the main members of  the yearling pack in my work in progress  novel is  one of those Caninruh  healers.   

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Did you know that  dogs  Saliva had a  healing  property? 

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