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I was  always told  by other writers and creators  that they hate how I write my endings because I don’t always  wrap  my stories  endings into  a neat bow and have a happy ever after.  But what is the fun in that.   I love  surprises and intense moments  especially at  the end of the stories. I  like  to  leave my endings open for interpretation  by the readers. I  like those shocking  twist endings.   I love my  cliffhangers.

Maybe it is because I have the background of  a screenwriter. I  like  to  purpose  my  novels like a  tv script. The novel has its own arc at the end of each book there  is a  cliff hanger  to invite  the reader and  get ready and  get  geared  up  for a  sequel . Like  a television season.

I often experiment, combining types of endings  and  avoid  cliché  ones  which are  usually the happy go lucky ones .  

And  so I want the reader to have questions but not have them be resolved  so soon.

Ending a chapter  let alone the book with a cliff hanger is a  powerful  device especially  if you are  planning  on writing a sequel or series like me.

There are 3 types  of cliff hangers that I  have used

The unexpected loss

Usually  pertains of goals  that  weren’t achieved or the  unexpected death of a  character.

When  writing this type of cliffhanger  the details  must be  vague  and must  be left up to the next book to get the   answers or the effects of  what happened. 

The unanswered fate of a character.

Usually  this is  when the reader doesn’t know  about the  fate  of an important   character.

Writers  must make sure  that  the  character  is important enough to the  reader  before  using this cliff hanger  because   assures   that the reader will come back for the next book.

A sense of foreboding

It is where there are hints  of unseen threats.  Once again the details  should be vague  and cryptic  as possible  in order to draw interest  for the next book .

I usually like to mix up the cliff  hangers and  use more  than one  at the same time.

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