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What is the most important thing  that a writer struggles with while writing their novel?  If you said scenes then you are right.  For some writers scenes are easy to write but for others writing  scenes are a challenging and difficult beast to wrangle .  What does the scene do in the novel?

Scenes like every other component in the novel  are important to the overall structure. Without a scene there is no novel. Well there can be a story but not a novel.

A novel is made  up of consistent structural building blocks called  scenes.  How many scenes  in your novel is  determined by  how  long your story is within the  word  count  but  comes  together at  roughly  50-60  scenes  within the  whole novel. The scenes  are  there  to do one important thing  which is to move the  story forward .

Within a  single scene there should be high moments . This is  where  there is  a   main objective purpose  of the  scene  taking  place.  Having high moments within a scene  is  also important because you  have to know why you are writing the scene in the  first  place.  Like  I said earlier  the  scene must move the story forward.    So if you don’t have a high moment  it cannot  move the  story forward .  

Examples of a high moment is a:

  • complication
  • reversal 
  • plot twist. 

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