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I haven’t  wrote in  three  weeks because of being busy and life you know gets in the way of writing .   But  I am  energized and  solely  ready to write again . With the writer’s  block  gone I’m heading into  finishing up my chapters for this  2nd draft of my  work in progress novel. Although  I was  hoping to finish the draft  fully this year and  start the editing publication steps. But  I haven’t. Goals  aren’t always accomplished of course .   So  since I did not accomplish my goals this year I’m  going to push it into  next year . 

So where  I’m at  right   now is  I’m in the 13th  chapter of  my 2nd  draft .

And I’m  still working on the first short story  In the Hour of Humanity 

Soin the year 2022 I plan to not only finish this up  but also  start finishing up  on the 2nd short story RED ENVY  and maybe start a  3rd  draft of my work In Progress but we  will  see what happens.

When trying to get  your goals  done  in my opinion you  have to prioritize  which  writing  project  is most important to you .

Your goals must matter to you as  the writer.

I would say  set deadlines  for yourself.  But when setting deadlines  I always  end up not   meeting those deadlines.  So instead  create  milestones  that way  you  will be able  to complete your writing goals  without  a time  frame  and  will be able to finish  what  prioritize  whenever  you get a chance to finish .

For  example when I  completed  my  1st draft  I did not set a deadline  but  I  made sure to at least write  every day . It  took  one year  to write but  after  completing it was  a definite  milestone  that I felt  good about.   But even though  I finished  the first draft my goal  to publish my novel was  not yet  accomplished  and still isn’t but will 2022  be the year  I finally  publish  this novel ?  Only time  will  tell . Until then I will just have to work on  my  writing milestones  to help  me get to the  publication.   

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