June 12, 2024
What is Neoera?

What is Neoera?

So I like to do or try to do what Tolkien did. Which was he created new worlds such as middle earth. Okay this in not a Tolkien post but I like to talk about him because I like his work . He is one of those authors that inspired me to become a writer . I still read Tolkien’s work to this day .

Okay so rant over. You get what I am trying to say, right ? Well like all writers and especially Tolkien I kinda delved deeper in what I was going to name certain places, people and things (all the nouns you could think of ) in my world.

I used an anagram and also an Online Etymology Dictionary not to see what the words means but how they sound and sounded in ancient times and also explanation of the simplest word. I basically compounded and blended existing words to make new ones . I’m no linguist like Tolkien (maybe in another lifetime I was) but I enjoy taking the time out to try in create new words and then this might not mean anything but I took an intro to language class in college. I t was fun and I recommend all fiction writers to delve into the world of linguistics.

So with that in mind of how I sort of researched and made up my words.

I will answer the question what is Neoera in my novel?
Let’s look at some


THE PREFIX WORD NEO is THE WORD NEW . Ancient Greek WAS νέος (néos, “new”), Middle English IT WAS neue, from Old English neowe, niowe, earlier niwe
Meaning basically young, youthful; fresh, strange; lately, just now

ERA stems from ancient Greece érasde, on the earth which resembles Proto-Germanic *erþō

So like I said before I basically combined the two to make Neoera


In my novel Neo era is simply a planet near the constellation Eridanus and the fourth world of the human terrain in my book series. It is similar to earth but the histories are somewhat entirely different. It is mostly desert with pockets of greenery and 4 large country states that is surrounded by mountain , rivers and desert .

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In the meantime let’s start a dialogue:

What worlds have you made up? And how did you come with them?

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