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Yesterday  I had a poll open for  which title to  name my 14th chapter .  The titles being  three;  A  New  Reality ,  Awoken  Dreams, The yearling den.Only two people voted  but those  two  votes  went  50/50 with the  two  appealing titles  ;  A  New  Reality  and  The Yearling Den .

So  this is what I did.  The main chapter 14 is entitled  A New Reality  and the first scene in the chapter 14  will be entitled  Inside the Yearling Den. 


Sirena awakens insides the yearling cave to find Cristen and the  rest of the pack arguing  and discussing her.   Cristen struggles  to  make a  decision  to tell Sirena  who she  really is.  While  Xavier and Mary devise another plan to capture  Sirena .

Yesterday I was able to finish the first scene  which came to  778 words .

And  I  went ahead and named it  inside the yearling den because Sirena  the main character  literally wakes  up  in the yearling den  in like a  kind of  hole within the cave that wolves  in real life usually  sleep in. The  hole  is large  within the cave  .  In fact the cave  itself  has   many large   holes within. the  walls  of the cave  that  surround  a  large  body cenote and  waterfalls.  

But within these shallow holes  it is dark  and  so Sirena  is basically laying on like a makeshift  bed of  sticks , twigs and rocks  and she is  in pain  being  wounded   from the previous chapter  but however  she is also  scared  when she wakes  up within  this darken   hole in  the wall.  Of course  because she doesn’t know where  she is .

She only  sees these beings with  red eyes who look like her.  And she hears that they have healed  her but it didn’t  work.    Scared  she remembers  what happened  to her and Eli  in the previous chapter 13 and  she sees  a  crawl space and  literally crawls out of it to go after him .

I wrote this scene like this because  her new reality  hasn’t kicked  in yet and it  won’t  for the rest of the novel  until  maybe the end .   But this chapter  will basically be the start of where  she finds out about her  true werewolf  existence.

The next chapter  will be in Cristen’s  POV .  I’ll keep you updated on the next scene  within chapter 14.

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