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Did you know that  the famous  author of the Three Musketeers , Alexandre  Dumas  wrote   a werewolf  novel?  Yeah I Didn’t know this either . That’s cool right?  Well Dumas had  said  he  wrote his werewolf novel based off a legend he  heard  from where he was from in the   town of Villers-Cotterêts  when he was a child ,

Okay  his werewolf novel was  called   The Wolf Leader  about this   guy  named Thibault who wonders the woods after  being  beaten  for supposedly  interfering with a  hunt.  And thus while in the woods he meets a   wolf who  is standing on  his hind legs   walking around like a human being.  Well this humanlike  wolf  offers him and makes  an agreement with him like  wishes but only if  Thibault can  give the wolf  a strand  of his hair for each  wish.  

That’s  interesting to say the least.

I’m not going to tell you what happens next. You got to read it yourself . You   can read his  novel for free  here

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Did you know about the Alexandre Dumas’s Wolf Leader? What  werewolf legends  do you know ?

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