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Did you know the silver bullet actually symbolizes a magical talisman for good fortune when going into battle against good and evil. Silver was once revered in ancient times .Silver in lore is much effective against both werewolf and witch

It is said that the silver bullet has its basis in fact not fiction because it was first mentioned at the time of the panic over the Beast Of Gévaudan.

But did you also know that a screenwriter by the name of Curt Siodmak who wrote the The Wolf Man really came up with the whole silver bullet and howling at the moon in the 1940s. Since then every story, every movie from that day forward has just run with it as a sort of a werewolf mythology gospel.

This is the very reason in my werewolf work in progress novel I do not use silver. Silver as a weapon does not affect my werewolves . But this information is pretty interesting to know. In a later post I will write about what I do use instead of silver I already mentioned a couple of weakness for my werewolves A WEREWOLF’S GREATEST WEAKNESS and also what the hunters use instead of silver in my novel A HUNTERS TOOL TO CATCH A WEREWOLFCHECK IT OUT .

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What is your thoughts about the silver bullet in werewolf mythology being made up by screenwriter Curt Siodmak ?
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