WEREWOLVES IN FICTION :The Phantom Ship “The Flying Dutchman”

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What does  a  seafaring adventure involving  a man trying to save  his father have to do with werewolves ? Well a lot .

The  1838  Gothic Novel by  Frederick Marryat  which explorers the legend of the  Flying Dutchman,  a  tale about a  ghost ship  interestingly  also  includes not only other supernatural  components but a whole  chapter about  a werewolf.

This Chapter  about a werewolf  was  even  expanded and serialized into its own short story  called  The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains.

Cleverly and remarkably written it told the story  of Kratz   who leaves to the mountains  of  Germany with his three children after killing  his wife and lover.

He distracts himself  with hunting wolves  in the mountain  but one day  is  intercepted  by a man and his daughter.  He  takes  them back to the cottage where his three children are.   After three  weeks of knowing the woman he accepts her hand in marriage  from her father. However  he  really doesn’t  know who he has married  because it is soon  revealed the  girl is a werewolf.

There is more that happens  but I liked   it  for  a  werewolf story  and to me  it sort of had  like a Moby-Dick vibe to it.   Give  it a read and let me know what you think .    

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