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WEREWOLF POP CULTURE: The Devil Made Him Do It and the Werewolf Hysteria Of the 15TH Century?

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Did you know  werewolf hysteria swept across Europe way before the witch trials were ever thought of?

It all started  in the 1500’s in Germany with a  man named Peter Stubb who was said to have killed many people because he claimed the devil made him do it and that the devil gave him  a magic belt  that turned  him into a werewolf. 

Wow! They  just can’t let up. Can they? They seemed  to blame all their  woes at the time  on wolves. That’s crazy.

If you like to read the story yourself about Peter Stubb  being a werewolf It’s pretty  interesting but the images that they have of him are pretty horrendous & graphic. So just discretion advised , click at your own risk.

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Why  do you think Peter Stubb blamed and used the wolves as an excuse of what he did?

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