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Portrait of Arthur Conan Doyle

Did you know that  the Legendary  writer  of Sherlock  Holmes  , Arthur  Conan Doyle  wrote and published a werewolf short story  called  A Pastoral Horror in 1890? 

 I surely didn’t . It’s wild don’t you think?

In this short story, Arthur  Conan Doyle  doesn’t stray far from his   detective plot   devices  that he uses in Sherlock Holmes .  Yes  this werewolf  short story  is quite a mystery about an Englishman  who lives in a  peaceful  village in Bavaria but soon  it becomes  disturbed  when  the peasants of the town  get mysteriously  attacked  by an unknown assailant in the woods . With help  from others the  Englishman goes about to solve the mystery  of the town.

This short  story is more crime than horror and is more like a non-supernatural werewolf story where the  perpetrator doesn’t physically turn into a werewolf . He  just exhibits  wolf like symptoms and is driven to madness  . 

So if  you are a  fan of Sherlock  Holmes this  would be  the perfect story for you to read . Also  for the   readers  who   enjoy  werewolf stories. 

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