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I know I mentioned this before . But with Merlin being my top favorite show  I couldn’t  help get  a little inspiration from the show  for my novel.

I’m sure all writers do this. You read  a novel  or watch a show  and then  while writing,  some  qualities  of who you watched or read  spills over  into your  manuscript.  Most  writers  don’t do this intentionally  but  are  therefore influenced  by their favorite characters .

And although your characters might resemble other characters from fictional worlds   once  a writer starts  writing  the  characters  become their own .

For instance in my work in progress novel During the Blue Hour there are three characters  from Merlin that have influenced  two of my characters .

So the  first one is the character Merlin himself.  Even though my book has nothing to do with sorcerers or  witches the character Merlin embodies  the love interest  Adrian within  my novel . Who I see  as sort of resembling dark  Merlin  when I see  merlin ready  to use his magic  against an opponent.

My character  Adrian  although is very  dark and stays dark and doesn’t get to really see the  softer side of him.

Think of if Merlin was  turned into a  more  edgier darker  character than he was already.  I mean those scenes where  the ones would get him mad . They were intense .

Another character is Kilgharrah  the great  dragon .  Since I loved and enjoyed the characteristics and qualities he had  when I first  created my earthdiver raven  character  I thought of  Kilgharrah . 

A  character who basically talks in riddles and doesn’t tell  the whole truth.  I feel like that was strongly Kilgharrah  .

I mean  when  reading my earthdiver  character . People  will not really notice but  the  idea behind his character is because  of my love  for the Great Dragon character Kilgharrah. 

And the third character I use as  influence is  Arthur .  My  earthdiver raven character  when transforming  into his human form  has  the qualities  and characteristics  of Arthur and will even look like him a little bit. The  first glimpse of his human form can be seen briefly in my chapter  2.    

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