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The Search for a Good Literary Magazine for Short Story Publication

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Last Week I wrote a post about  my deleted  character  Zios  and how I am working on a short story for him.  This  week I’m  continuing  to work on the short  story  and  I know    I said  I would  upload  it on the blog  .  However I been planning on sending it  out to literary  magazines. 

The search  for a  good  literary magazine for publication  is in my experience  just  as  daunting as finding a good  publisher for a novel. But  my search continues  and I  have  a couple of short stories  ready however  it  is up to the  editor of the magazine to accept whether they will take on the  work or not. 

I  have been following all specifications for the literary magazines. One of those specifications is that you can’t  submit  reprints  or have published  it  before .That includes a blog. This is a blog . I haven’t  submitted the Zios story  yet   but  I want to. It also means that I won’t be able to put  it on the blog yet. 

Even though I can’t do that. I will  still post about my deleted  character just not  the actual short  story for  now.  But   it is and will come soon eventually. 

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What  is your experience searching for literary magazines to send your  short stories  to?   

 I  want to know so let me know in the comments  below.

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