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Russia’s Forgotten History & The white wolf of the Hartz Mountains Review Podcast EP. Coming Soon…

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So, I have been busy working and going back and forth on two podcast episodes.

I’m working on a new series called   Forgotten History. And while working on this first episode I created   some shorts history   questions to get the   mind to start to think about what the real story behind our history might be.

The most recent shorts were:

Pompeii (Forgotten History)

ROME(Forgotten History)

The first episode won’t be connected to these shorts right now but will be a full podcast episode about the forgotten history on the Rus. And I will continue with a whole series of episodes about Russia and exploring   different questions I had and how   it pertains to our history and the world. So please   if you   are interested in learning about Russia with me join me in exploring its forgotten history, coming soon…

The next project I’m working on is from the ongoing podcast Discovering the Blue Hour episode 11 where I will be talking about and going in-depth about the short story, The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains.   It is a part of my werewolf in fiction series within my podcast and I will also be discussing book end framing technique in writing and the history of magazine serials and how it’s on the rise again in the writing community.  I would love for you to join be for this episode if you like writing.

To catch up on what The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains is I wrote a post about it last year entitled:

WEREWOLVES IN FICTION :The Phantom Ship “The Flying Dutchman”

Let me know what you think about the short story before I release the podcast episode coming soon…

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