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Yesterday  I was  trying to look  for the perfect song  while writing the scene in  my chapter 11.  I ended   up not writing anything  because I spent all night  looking for  the perfect song.  And the thing  is  I  have a writing  play list  with already  104 songs. 

That  might seem crazy . I know  . But  sometimes  when I’m writing I write with music  because sometimes   the music gives  off the very vibe I ‘m writing about  in the  scene  at the moment  . 

I try to find a  song  for each  character ,  each scene and each chapter.

That takes a while.  Sometimes  I find  music for an individual  action  and it  is great. 

 I ‘m in the moment and  I am able to write for a very long   time.

But then of course there  is  those moments where  I need  silence to write. 

I make sure the music  fits the moods and themes of my  novel.  So since my novel  is about  werewolves in a post-apocalyptic world I have some pretty dark music. But  also some  light music moments because there  is a glimpse  of romance  in my novel( note  there is only glimpses  of  romance) 

Here is  5 songs  from my playlist for my  novel  so  far . 

Writer’s Playlist

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What  songs do you play  while you  write your  novel?

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