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Still  working  on my  next  podcast  episode  about  apocalyptic fiction .  Last week I wrote a little about  what the apocalypse  was  and glimpsed  over  dystopian  fiction. I  Researched  5 dystopian novels  I haven’t read yet  but maybe you can.

First lets  go over  what   dystopian fiction is.  


Dystopian fiction  is a  genre   of speculative fiction a   umbrella   term  or theme  that is popular  and seen in  Apocalyptic  or post-apocalyptic fiction. It is usually about a society   that is undesirable or  frightening   that is set in the near future so is  sometimes associated  with science fiction as well .

Dystopias  are said to be allegories , warnings about  how things could go wrong  in a society .  5 characteristics of dystopian fiction involves  Government control, Environmental destruction, Technological control, Survival, Loss of individualism.


The Giver (Giver Quartet) Lowry, Lois

I  read this book about some 20 years ago  and I loved  it.  That is why  it’s  my first pick for one  of the dystopian novels   I haven’t   read yet .  Why  is it on this list  ? Well I  haven’t read it in 20 years. I  didn’t  read the whole series.   I like this book  because  the dystopia  is  in  disguised as a Utopia .   You  have all the  dystopian  themes you can imagine .

  • Environmental destruction
  • Government control:
  • Technological Control
  • Survival
  • Loss of Individualism

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

I’ve  been  wanting to read this book for a long time  now  after the movie came out.  But  I haven’t  got around to it.  The movie was  good.  So  I Think  one day I’ll give it a  read . Its tale about a  quest for survival. 

Never Let Me Go by Ishiguro, Kazuo

This book  is third  on my list . I haven’t read this book either.  But it’s another one of those books I saw  the movie  when it first came out.  The  movie  although the pace was somewhat slow was  rather  interesting.  I liked  it.   The  book is a quasi-science-fiction that takes  place in an alternate  England.

Lord of the Flies BY WILLIAM GOLDING, 1954

Okay  I remember  reading this book at one point in time  when I  was in school .  So I   think it will  be about time for a reread.  How  is lord  of the flies  on my dystopian book list ? It has the dystopian themes   of survival, groupthink and individuality and tells an allegorical story   about  following  rules and  conflicting  impulses about   social  organization and civilization.

The Machine Stops BY E.M. FORSTER, 1909

This short story I never  heard of . But  it seems very  interesting.  Written  in 1909 by  E. M  Forster  is  a  science fiction  commentary  reaction   of H. G  Wells  Time Machine  about  how  humanity   has to go underground .  It  has the themes  of globalism and a reality based community that predicts a lot of 21 century technology. 

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