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Strychnine Poison nux-vomica

So since my novel is about werewolves I got to have at least one hunter right? My hunters aren’t just normal hunters . I take my pointers from secret societies , and the beast of Gévaudan lore when it comes to the hunters in During the Blue Hour. And although Silver and wolfsbane is prevalent throughout Hunter-werewolf lore I don’t use it at all. But I do get creative a little and use others tools to catch a werewolf .

What is one of the major tools a hunter uses in my work in progress During the Blue Hour?

Well Its simple really, because it’s a simple plant. No not wolfsbane, or mistletoe , or mountain ash . It’s something you probably wouldn’t even think of. Something so fatal that you wouldn’t even think it was fatal. Want to know what it is called?

Strychnine Poison nux-vomica an alkaloid poisonous medicinal plant was and still is used as an rodenticide. It is also used as a street drug.

Strychnine poison is used as a hunting tool in my work in progress the Hour Series to trap my werewolf creature called the CaninRuh. It is very deadly to them. When absorbed on skin or consumed by mouth whether it drink or food, the victim instantly has convulsions and begins to foam from the mouth and or vomit. It take twenty minutes to an hour for the victim to finally die. They get high fevers and chills, sweating profoundly. All functions usually shut down in the final hour and the victim usually dies from asphyxiation Strychnine poison is usually a Hunters final method after trapping it. They usually force the caninRuh to swallow the strychnine by shoving it down their throats.

Strychnine tree was first discovered in the second world of the Blue Hour Series and was usually used as herbal remedy among the humans of the wasteland Desert . Later in the 4th world Hunters begin to use it to catch the CaninRuh.


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If you write a werewolf novel or you have a villain character what do they use to try to catch the hero off guard?

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