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So I’m wondering how do you write your novel? Do you use the Hero’s journey or three act structure? In my work in progress During the Blue Hour I use a combination of both and heavily use the Call to Adventure. But you want to know something, in my novel my Main Character Sirena doesn’t easily accept the call to adventure in becoming a werewolf.

Did you know there were two types of Call to Adventures? Emotional & physical. I talk about it more in  podcast episode 3 and you can listen to the full podcast here PODCAST #3

In the podcast episode 3 I discuss emotional call to adventure vs Physical call to adventure referencing TEEN WOLF. I also discuss the difference between the inciting incident and the call to adventure within the Hero journey and three act structure and discuss the evolution of my main character Sirena and her post apocalyptic society.

What post-apocalyptic world have you created? Do you use the hero’s journey model? Or do you use the three act structure model? What’s your main character’s call to adventure and refusal to the call? If you watched teen wolf Do you think Scott from teen wolf refused the call?

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