June 12, 2024


Having werewolf hunters in a  werewolf  novel   you say is  probably  a  given.  A staple.  What is a werewolf novel without   Werewolf Hunters .  Okay so  I do have werewolf hunters in my  novel but they aren’t   the main   antagonistic   force or main villain like  in most  werewolf novels and they  don’t have a main  storyline.

I chose to do this because  they aren’t  really that important to the storylines. I  mean they are but  in  a different kind of way. What do I mean?  Let me discuss  further .

Before  I discuss  I will like to relay some


The stories of Werewolf hunters  stems from  true  legends  about the beast of GEVAUDAN  and  the real  werewolf and wolf trials that  took place  across Europe  in   the 17th and 18th century . 

But also  from real  wolf hunters  that go  all the way back before the middle ages  in the  sixth century .  All over the world except in a couple of places  wolf hunting  was legal.

For instance wolf hunting in France was first institutionalized by Charlemagne between 800–813, when he established the louveterie, a special corps of wolf hunters. The louveterie was abolished after the French Revolution in 1789, but was re-established in 1814. One of the reasons   why wolf  hunting was  legal  around the world was that many believed that wolves posed a  problem  to  crops and livestock. They also hunted  wolves  for their  pelts.

In  ancient times  hunting wolves were  prevalent  because they used   the wolves   for the  purpose in folk medicine  and  sacred   spiritual  rituals.

Wolf  teeth  would be used  as  talisman against  evil spirits .  Wolf tongue  and  liver was said to cure epilepsy and or  other ailments.

In today’s world in places  like  Idaho, Montana , and  Minnesota  in  America , some  parts of France and Russia  wolf hunting is still legal because  of the  problems that haunted  people in ancient times . The wolves kill livestock. But today unlike in the past it  is very controversial  as  most of  the countries  around the world has put a ban  on killing wolves  and  conservative   groups  have filed lawsuits to  save the wolves.


There are  3 main types of hunters. Why so many ? I thought  they weren’t  important characters? They  aren’t.  They are secondary  characters. But they are mostly human . 


Image by dalumian from Pixabay

Are  MORTAL hunters who go after  the caninruh werewolves. They are members of the Dímios socity , an ancient society  that kills werewolves . They possess strong tracking and fighting skills . The weapons they use to hunt the caninruh are strychnine nux poison, fire, spike chain collars, animal cages, and a high frequency whistle device that draws out the caninruh and immobilizes them. They are very perceptive and knowledgeable.

They  are the main hunters that are  mentioned in the Blue Hour Series .  They are usually  secret  government officials .  Some have made  a  truce  with the  Kraldire(wolf leader) out of fear.  But others secretly  seek to take down  the Kraldire and the rest  of the werewolves.


Image by Aryok Mateus from Pixabay

Are usually MORTALS that are  natural healers and  exorcist   who believe in curing the caninruh werewolves  of their evil spirits by cutting out the heart,  through their stomach in order to cure them. Afterwards they sow the stomach up. 

 They live and hunt in the FOREST mountainous regions of RED SILVA MOUNTAIN  .  They are perceptive and possess very strong tracking skill, using the luring, and calling  method  of hunting and usually a Safyral, the sword of burning hearts, a  healing dagger that has been blessed with Monk’s Pepper  to cut through the stomach which is poisonous to the caninruh after it has been blessed.

The CASTUS men are the only ones who can perform the exorcism and the woman are usually the ones who trap and hunt the caninruh.

Members   of the  Castus  are  mentioned and seen  in my work in progress During the Blue Hour .   They usually  disguise  themselves as regular everyday mortals   to lure unsuspected  Caninruh werewolves. 


Image by syaifulptak57 from Pixabay

Or sometimes  called the Hounds of Sothic are Caninruh werewolves  who  hunt other Caninruh  werewolves for their freedom  from the Kraldire (werewolf leader) .

They are also  usually  drifters or  deserters  from the Kraldire  werewolf  communities who associate  themselves with  the MORTAL Hunters from the Dímios society because they want to be Mortals themselves . They hate their werewolf existence. They can be very cruel  and calculative  in order to capture their prey. They choose to stay in  human  form  thus suppressing the Canin form altogether.

They usually use the same hunting tactics as the Venators. 

A  Dire Hound  is widely  prevalent  in  my first  novel During the Blue Hour  but  I  don’t  reveal  that he is one until the very  end and then  its  only speculations. My readers  won’t  know for sure until the second book.

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