July 21, 2024
Writing the Important Characters While Cutting out the Unnecessary Ones in Your Novel

Writing the Important Characters While Cutting out the Unnecessary Ones in Your Novel

How do you write the important characters and cut out the unnecessary ones in your novel? I know I probably wrote about this before but   I’m going to write about it from a different vantage point this time.  Not perse how to write them or the balance of having my human characters but I will talk about the important and specific humans in the current draft of my novel and why they are important to my novel and show you how I cut out the unnecessary ones.   

In my work in progress novel there are only a few human   characters that I deem necessary to the story at hand.  Any of the extra human characters that I had I have killed them off or strictly abandoned them.  However, there is not very many that I concentrate on. 

There are three human characters that I concentrate and have sort of a side storyline on.  They are all the teenage characters. 

The first is.

Gabriela – Gabriela or Gabby for short is seen at the beginning of the novel and mentioned throughout.  She is the eighteen-year-old best friend of my main character Sirena.  And She is the catalyst   for everything that happens to Sirena throughout the novel.   Thus, making her a very important character.   To   give away what happens to her will just spoil the book.  So, you are just going to have to read the book when I finish completing it to find out.    But I will let you know one   thing.  She carries a heavy burden and a   dangerous secret.

The second is:

Eli– Eli is another one of Sirena’s best friends.  He is eighteen and is   in a relationship with the most popular and richest   girl in the town Helene.   All three, Gabriela, Eli and Sirena all attend and practice ballet and are each seeking a scholarship to   the South Roseau Nation Dance Academy to become a Dance Repute for Unitus Government.    He thinks that if he gets the scholarship, he can find his way out of the town of North Sun and not become a   Solcenary Agent solider for the government.  He is good at shooting his father’s guns as hinted in my chapters.  He is seen in scenes throughout most of the novel and he is one of the only humans that will be immersed in the world of the werewolves without being threatened or killed.  He also holds a secret that he tries to forget throughout the series.

The third human is Helene. She is the girlfriend of Eli, and she is one of the three humans that survive throughout the series. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She is in competition with Sirena over the Ballet scholarship and is always seen bullying Sirena.  But she also holds a secret for which Sirena will discover within the novel and hold over Helene’s head for the rest of the series.

These human characters will thus be important characters to my novel because they will help flesh out the significant moments and plots of the series.  

I concentrate on three specific characters and only these human characters because I developed a reason for them to matter to the main character of my story.  Each of these three characters all have a specific secret that connects back to the main   character to the story.

This component or element to a writer’s story could help writers take out unnecessary or unwanted characters within their draft.  And believe me by   narrowing in on this specific idea you can have a better draft and tight storylines.  

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How do you write the secondary but important characters of your story?

I want to know so let me know in the comments below.

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