July 21, 2024


 I didn’t always seek out  to write a trilogy  or series . Let’s just say the characters and stories of my  work in progress werewolf novel , During the Blue Hour wanted to take me on  a further journey than I  had in mine. Trilogies are so common  in  fantasy  though that I didn’t  even realize   the idea to write a trilogy until after I wrote a prequel to my current novel.  Yes  I wrote the prequel  first.   But  writing that prequel  to my werewolf story got  me thinking  about  a whole world  of books  to write.  

I know  writing a   trilogy or series  is not new  at all.  Many fantasy writers  write trilogies . C.S Lewis did it and many more . Its gotton to the point whenever you see a fantasy  novel, you automatically think trilogy or series . And you ask where is the next book?

The reason why I think  trilogies and series  are so popular for both reader and writer is that you can expand the  world of your story and you can get away with more epic fantasy adventures . The reader gets invested  in it.  In addition  it mirrors  the 3 act structure well . Moreover, each book is in a micro plot within  itself of the three act structure .

Some people  believe  there are essentially  two ways  to structure  a trilogy  or series.

Each book as a  standalone where the reader can read any book out of  order.   Or each book as a  continuation  from the last  book.  As a reader I tend to  read both. As a writer I  yearn to write the  continuing story.  But I also make sure each part   of my work has  its own logical arc and structure .   

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Is your novel a trilogy or series?

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