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I  have decided  while working on my second draft to add the  deleted  character Zios back into my  work in progress novel DURING THE BLUE HOUR .  But  only as a Cameo in one scene. “Literary cameos” usually involve an established character from another work who makes a brief appearance to establish a shared universe setting, to make a point.

This is how  I will do it. 

I will  just  mention  him  throughout   the novel   and then towards   the  end he will make his cameo. 

I  feel like this is the  strongest  and easiest way to  bring his character into the work in progress because  like I said in other post  he was originally in the first draft  but  he was   in too  many  unnecessary   scenes that I had to  cut   for this 2nd draft to make sense . 

However  he  is  an important character  who delivers important  information for the story to move  forward and  make sense  .  Without him   it will be unclear to the  reader how the ravens  claw amulet (talked about inTHE POWER OF AMULETS & CHARMS ) showed  up in  his daughter Nadiya’s house .   The  character Nadiya  who is the dance  instructor   to Sirena and also the daughter to Zios  doesn’t   know  anything about the raven’s  claw amulet.

She mentions  her father  briefly in this current  chapter 12  I’m  working on in the  2nd draft.

Also his appearance in  the work in progress   novel  in the first draft  led to the   reveal that Nadiya  is in fact  not a  mortal but is really a  caninruh   who has been living  in mortal  society   for years . But if I  take him out  in this 2nd draft  it will be a little harder  to find  a  reason to reveal  who Nadiya  is to Sirena .  Because  in  the first  draft  I had  set   the scenes  up in a domino  effect in which  way  Sirena  finds out things .

But now I  realized  sometimes taking that one character  out  effects the novel  tremendously.

So  I’m going to try  in make it work in only one scene  because  he is connected   to the main character  in so many ways . 

I’m still working  on the  short story  IN THE HOUR  OF HUMANITY .  And it  is still on its way  and  I can’t  wait.   The  Hour of Humanity reveals how  Zios  started  to live amongst the mortals  and  hopefully it will be an interesting   read for everyone. 

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