June 12, 2024
What The Giver and Anthem  Have in Common with My Work  in Progress Novel

What The Giver and Anthem Have in Common with My Work in Progress Novel

In my  podcast 3  I mentioned  briefly  2 novels .  Anthem   and The Giver  because  they were both  post-apocalyptic  novels that I  enjoyed.   But  did you know   these  2  novels  inspired my current draft of  my  work in progress  werewolf  novel?  You probably  didn’t  so  let me tell  you how. they inspired  it. 


As  you know Anthem is  a novella  written by Ayn  Rands  in 1937 and it tells  the story  of  a young man  who  Rand named   Equality 7-2521. Yes  that’s his name .  Weird  I know  . But  this story  that Rand  writes  exist  in a  future  none like  you ever  saw before,  where ironically  individuality  has been totally  illuminated or has  It?

Equality 7-2521 must live his days and work  under  assignment given by  what  is  known as  the Council of Vocations  who  assigns his Life Mandate.  However  Equality  72521  aspires   be a scholar . 


The  Giver  written by  Lois  Lowery  in  1993 tells the  story of 12 year old  Jonas   who lives  in a  society  in  a future  where  unknown   to the citizens  and  Jonas  the  world  has  ended before   .  And  they  live  in what is supposed to be a utopia  where  there  is no  sick or old people  and no violence  .   They are  each assigned  a  life’s work .  But  there is  sort of an   issue  when Jonas is assigned  his life  work to be the giver who  sees all memories  from  history.

Okay so these are  only  brief   summaries about the two novels .  

So there  is a question that still remains  what does these two novels have to  do with  my work in progress werewolf novel   During the Blue Hour ?

Well a lot. My novel   in my own words  I  consider to be in all purposes  a post post apocalyptic  novel much like the Giver and Anthem.   

But Anthem and the Giver has  no  stories  of werewolves.  You might  being  saying to yourself.

Yes that is true .

Let  me go on to  explain  the  similarities  further.

In my 2nd draft my  main  character Sirena   like  both  in Anthem and The Giver novels  is  forced   to  work  an assignment she doesn’t  want to work.  In my novel  the  world  in  not earth but sort  of like  a  sister planet  or  a planet  that is  similar to earth   called  Neoera. On this  planet   the world  has ended  twice  before much like in  Lowrey’s  novel.

People  are in the dark about  what exist and doesn’t  exist .   There  is also a council called the govern body  in my  novel  who  is  charge of  hiding the existence  of all  werewolf  creatures  that exist  in the  world  of the blue hour. 

There  is limited   technology   but only remnants remain.  So like in my world  of the blue hour   you might  see jeeps  ,   holograms, devices  like  Alexa   but only minimal . 

Even though  I  don’t  explain  why it’s there entirely  .  It  will eventually piece  itself together.    

Okay so my novel  changed  a lot from my  1st draft to my 2nd  .  The post-apocalyptic theme wasn’t really   all there.   I  had  an alternate  universe  thing going on instead.  In the first draft  was where  it was actually  earth  but an alternate  timeline   where  France won  the Revolution. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette never  were tried and put to death.  France  Over threw great Brittan   within Canada  and   US.   And became   the ultimate  world  power all  because   of the The Beast of Gévaudan .  

Trippy.  I know . Unfathomable.   Nonsense. That would  never   happened.   I know .   That’s  why  I scraped  the  idea in this second draft.   I was trying to make it work and make   sense  .  But  atlas  it didn’t .   And so with  my research from before  that’s why I changed  it into a  post post apocalyptic novel  .  And that idea  centrally came  from  both Anthem and  the Giver. 

And the  difference of course   lies on the fact that   my novel’s plot doesn’t   solely  center  on the  Apocalyptic  world itself   like much  of the Giver and Anthem does.   But  on the werewolves and what  they  have   to do with the  fall  of  the world  ending and why   they are on this  other  planet  Neoera  instead  of earth. 

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