June 12, 2024


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Today I’m working on finishing up my chapter 10 of my 2nd draft as the sound of thunder vibrates throughout my writing place. A storm is certainly on the horizon today. So it makes it only right to blog about the impending storm that is mentioned in my work in progress novel.

What is the storm in my novel?

Let me explain. The impending storm is first mentioned in the 2nd chapter of my work in progress novel and continues throughout. The storm is basically a foreshadow . It might be a little heavy but in my opinion it seeming to work . Okay in the world of the Blue Hour it literally has never rained . It’s hot desert. But signs of a change hits the characters somewhat quickly within the first chapter as they feel pockets of cold air around them. And then they suddenly see drops of snow out of nowhere even when whether reports in the novel say otherwise. Then the weather makes a turn for the worst as the once desert mountain is turned into a snow covered one and they are cut off from all the other communities.

Okay so that’s the physical signs of the storm in my novel. But also the storm is also the abrupt emotional changes the characters go through in the novel.

It also used to refer to the impending battle , war that starts to form within this first novel of the series between both the factions of werewolves and the humans and celestial beings(the celestial beings don’t really appear in the first novel but are mentioned).

Does that seem pretty interesting or intense or what? Is it too much ? What foreshowing techniques do you use or have used in your work in progress novel or completed novel? I want to know in the comments below . So Let’s start a Dialogue.

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