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A  WHILE BACK  I did  a prologue  podcast episode  about the origins of prologues .  I liked researching for that episode.  I will  probably  have another podcast  about  prologues   sometime in the future.   But right  now  I  want to talk about the  prologue in my novel  that almost wasn’t . 

Okay  my prologue  is called  The magical world of  wonder . It’s very magical indeed. It involves  a snow globe,  a music box  and a  werewolf.   It’s one of those prologues  where  there  is a character   that  doesn’t   appear  anymore throughout the novel again.  ( Spoiler alert ).

 So like you,  I ‘ve  heard  that prologues are  not  thought upon lightly. 

Because they  usually   are  skipped, sometimes boring  or are simply not  necessary. 

Let  me tell you  my story about my   current  prologue.  Well  I had this same  prologue  in my first draft .  I chose  to take it out for my 2nd draft  because   when I    was back in  college  I  had an English professor  get  ready   to read the draft and well   he  ripped  it out   because he said  he simply  did not  read  prologues. 

I was  kind of devastated because I worked  really hard on it and  it has everything to do with the rest of the story .  

It’s  hard to explain but it’s like a  rewind  fast forward scene. That  can’t really be placed  anywhere  in the novel itself because the main character  doesn’t see  it  or experience it .   But  it  will   bring the story   kind of full circle  .  And the  character   in the prologue  is  constantly mentioned  throughout the novel by the main character and other characters.  .    And what happens to the character in the prologue  will  come back to have heavy consequences  on some of the characters within  the main  story.

So I decided to put it back  in my novel.  Even if readers  skip over it .   The readers will probably find themselves  going back to it. 

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