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Cast of Characters Pt. 1: Choosing character names and exploring backstory

What’s in a Name? Cast of Characters Pt.1 Ep. 2

The tall figure of a boy around seventeen or eighteen stood blocking the  door.   Sirena’s  heart  raced and she panicked. That boy. That boy was the same boy  at the  river stream who held her in his arms and  then disappeared. …

This week  I discuss  how chose my character names and  explore a little about backstory but this is only pt 1 so there is still going to be a lot discuss over a span of a couple of episodes. 

  • We  discuss character dynamics of  Teen Wolf  as a reference of  the wip During the Blue hour
  • Why choosing a character  name is important to the writer.
  • We  discuss The redemption arc of the villain and  how its important to their backstory . 

What does your main characters name mean to you as a writer? How did you connect with your  character? How do you choose you character names?

What makes a  villain evil ? Can they be pure  evil? How  do you develop  your  Villains  back story? What’s your favorite  werewolf show or book? Let’s start  a Dialogue .

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Next episode:

Character Spotlight: The Main Character Sirena and  writing ballet 

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